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#8199189 Jul 27, 2013 at 04:44 PM
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Name :Wiegerd
Country:South Africa.
Character name, class and spec :Frostietuute, mage, Frost(atm).
Your off spec and proffesions :Fire, Alchemy/Herbalism.
Tell us something about yourself :
I like to accomplish killing bosses no matter what it takes. I like raiding alot, though I was a big PvP'er back in tbc/cata(did not play at all in Wotlk) , but when I started raiding in cata I completely stopped doing pvp(or lets just say when a horde ganks me while I quest, he may end up dead). I like hanging out/going out but sometimes I prefer being alone. At the moment I am not working or studying. There are opportunities for me it's just I am really indecisive on that topic because I don't want to end up doing something for years and then suddenly I realize that it was a mistake and therefore wasted alot of time.If you want to know anything else or interested about something just ask!

Are you capable of using TeamSpeak 3 (And talking on it) :Yes.

Team to which you are applying to : (1st or 2nd) - 1st.

Armory link :

Screenshot of your UI :

Which addons are you using and why :
Addon Control Panel- to quickly switch addons as needed
Bagnon- To make managing inventory easier
Bartender- To customize my ui the way I prefer
Castbars- Shows you when you can start casting your next spell and to track targets casting
CombustionHelper- To help with combustion while spec'd in fire
Deadly Boss Mods- For warnings
Mage Nuggets- A helpfull mage tool keeping track of mage related abilities
Recount- Keeping track of the dps etc
And some other minor addons.

Previous guilds you have been in :Solidarity-Ragnaros EU
Lights Of Life-Boulderfist Eu

Previous raid experience :Raided in both Solidarity and LoL.
1st patch Cataclysm everything normal fully
Firlelands 1/7 hc
Ds 5/8 hc
Mv 6/6 n
HoF 4/6 n

Are you willing to make changes to your playstyle, gemming, reforging to suit our group ? : Of course

Are you able to make it to raids (1st group raid thursday-sunday-tuesday 19:30-23 server time) Yes

Anything else you would like to add ? Do so below here.
I have been gone for a while but recently returned and that is why my gear is not up to shape. I always try my best to be here at raiding times and to do my best.
#8204697 Jul 28, 2013 at 08:46 PM
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I can vouch for Frostietuute. Been raiding with him for years. Both on Boulderfist, aswell as Ragnaros in Solidarity. I consider him a solid and reliable player, with great personality on top.

#8204952 Jul 28, 2013 at 09:43 PM
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Accepted for trail
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